Caroline Kha studied Fine Arts at the National Art School in Sydney, Australia.  She was awarded an artist residency at the Florence Trust in 2009 and currently works in London.  Kha's uses traditional media,  assemblages and online projects.  Her recent works are forms of meditations - drawing on archetypal imagery, symbols and connections to nature.


"Having been born in Australia but being of Asian heritage, there has been an internal longing to find ways to identify, connect and locate one's place in the world.  This feeling has been more pronounced during my travels and these experiences come across in my work.  

My works are a form of contemplation and meditation.  I'm interested in the tensions between present experiences, symbolism and memories that can be evoked through collage, painting, drawing and texts." - C. Kha 

“In many ways her practice is a way of understanding her own background as well as apprehending the environments she finds herself in.” – Soraya Rodriguez, Director, Zoo Art Fair Enterprises.

Kha's work has been exhibited and found in private collections in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and the United Kingdom.