Postcard collectors and travellers are invited to submit postcards either collected or received for a research art project, POSTKARTEN Project by multiciplinary artist, Caroline Kha.  Her art practice explores travel, story telling and romanticisation of place.

Participants are invited to send an old postcard or copy of postcard.  Postcards could be one you collected or one you have received.  Location could be known or unknown. 

The main aims of the project is to share stories and images of travel destinations and promote discovery of new and unknown places.  Submitted postcard images will be researched and used in the creation of a new body of work. Locations of a selection of postcards will be researched and information will be mapped and shared online in a collaboration with creative web developer Mike Chang.  Stories of place and the memories connected to them would also be welcomed.  All selected contributions will be acknowledged.  Artist reserves right to edit texts.

The second part of the project involves a traveling postcard book: POSTKARTEN - VOYAGESSelected contributors will be asked to participate in POSTKARTEN - VOYAGESwhich will travel the world and be documented simultaneously online.

To launch the POSTKARTEN Projectthere will be a Live Art Event held on Saturday, 11th August at Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill.  This event will bring together all elements of Kha’s art practice.  The day will include live painting, launch of POSTKARTEN Project online and travelling POSTKARTEN - VOYAGES book which will travel internationally. Local audience and participants are welcome to come to come along to share stories of their travels which will documented and mapped.  10% of sale proceeds on the day will go to The Travel Foundation, a UK charity who develop and promote sustainable travel and tourism. 

To join the POSTKARTEN Project and to take part in this adventure of travel, we’d love to here from you.

Submission requirements:

Send an old postcard or copy of postcard marked POSTKARTEN Project to 29C Islip Street, Kentish Town, London.

Postcards could be one you collected or one you have received.  Location could be known or unknown.

Write on the back or on a separate sheet of paper a couple sentences about: why you chose the postcard and any personal significance.

Or send 300 dpi postcard image and details to postkartenproject@gmail.com

For further information about the POSTKARTEN Project email: postkartenproject@gmail.com

The project can be followed on:


Twitter: #PostkartenProj

Blog: http://postkartenproject.tumblr.com/